STATs are general capabilities which each cover a broad range of possible actions, and describe Homura's and other beings' general physical and mental qualities.

The five STATs are STRength, DEXterity, INTelligence, WISdom, and CONstitution. Points in each STAT are divided into 'base' and 'trained' points. There are also known magical means of increasing Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.


Homura's physical Base Stats are very low for a human, even before her WEAK HEART condition; this contributes substantially to her vast quantities of Moe. Base STR/DEX/CON may be increased at the Shop for 1000 ZM.


Trained Stat Points are acquired by training the Stat in question via leveling up and training activities. They are increased in the following ways:

  • Taking certain actions that exert or exemplify the stat, such as exercise for the physical Stats, listening in school for INT, or coming up with clever synergies or showing good judgement for WIS. These are reset to 0 upon using LOAD SAVE.
  • Every LEVEL in a CLASS grants 5 points which may be allocated to Base Stats as desired; these points are deallocated upon using LOAD SAVE. Whether mental stat points from levels are deallocated on LOAD SAVE is unconfirmed.
  • Purchased training increases at the Shop for 300 ZM. It is unknown whether these are removed or deallocated upon using LOAD SAVE.