Nishigawa City is an industrial town, covered in smog even at midday. A large part of the city is occupied by factories both in use and abandoned, and most of the rest of the city is squat and blockish. It does not have skyscrapers, so the skyline is dominated by factory stacks. It neighbours Mitakihara, Kasamino, Hokusaibara, and Toyonobu.


Nishigawa City is a large job creator, employing many people from other cities of Japan or even foreigners to work in its numerous factories, warehouses, etc. It supplies many of the trade goods of the surrounding area, and is a prime driver of Mitakihara's port exports. Nishigawa City has, as a result, extensive and well-maintained (but also heavily-used) roads, but little to no public transport.

Magical SceneEdit

Nishigawa City is held by the Nishigawa Happy Fairies.