Latest StatusEdit


HP: 80/80

Corruption: 0/680

Current action: Hunting

Status condition/s: N/A


HIDE ITOH is a young runaway, barely ten years old. She is one of the PUELLAE MAGI of NISHIGAWA TOWN, and is the newest recruit to the NISHIGAWA HAPPY FAIRIES. She is a happy, cheerful child, and looks up to KURAMOCHI NISHI.



  • SURVIVE DAGGER: A pair of small daggers. Deals 10 - 30 physical damage. May summon up to twenty per round.



  • [VIPER NEST DAGGER]: Causes all daggers thrown by HIDE ITOH to return to her, cutting through anything in their way.
  • [PUNCH DAGGER]: Focusing magic on a thrown dagger causes it to deal 50% - 60% more damage.
  • [WINGED DAGGER]: Focusing magic on a thrown dagger causes it to move extremely quickly.
  • [WINGS OF HOPE]: Helps HIDE ITOH escape danger.


HIDE ITOH is a vagabond in NISHIGAWA TOWN, performing her PUELLA MAGI duties alongside the other NISHIGAWA HAPPY FAIRIES, which recruited her in early 2011 shortly after her contract was made.

HIDE ITOH has been a runaway since late 2010, and was last officially registered at CHEERFUL HEART ORPHANAGE. She lived at the orphanage between 2008 - 2010, home-schooled by the orphanage staff. However her life there was not comfortable, and none of the prospective adopting couples ever chose her.

Between 2002 - 2008, HIDE ITOH lived with HIDE HIROE (nee HAKAMADA HIROE) until the latter vanished. She was discovered in the home two weeks after the disappearance by neighbours, who sent her to the orphanage when all other relatives proved impossible to locate or contact.